down on your luck?

things could be worse, you could be mike from zero sex life:
allow me to introduce myself. my name is mike, and i am a complete and utter pathetic loser. i am twenty-four years old, short, pudgy, balding, poor and have nearly nothing to offer a member of the opposite sex. during my life i have met precious few women charitable enough to sleep with my ugly bloated carcass. both the quality and the quantity of these women have been, shall i say, severely lacking.
zero sex life is the journal of a man in los angeles with very low self esteem who is looking to get laid. you can send him some cash [to help woo women] or if you are a member of the fairer sex you can donate your vagina. seriously, i've been almost exactly where mike is before and i've gotta say that a donation could really help him out.

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