floatsam and jetsam

[one] haystack looks wicked fresh - even if it does rely heavily on the java two jdk.
[two] and even tho denim also needs the java two jdk [not to mention pen input] i bet i could outline web projects wicked fast with it.
[three] if you see something on your friendly neighborhood p2p network labeled portishead - "alien" you're bound to be let down. not only is it not the new portishead album but it's also not any good.
[four] manhattan has mad phat wi-fi coverage.
[five] scientologists used to have a sense of humor?
[six] w3c buttons - hold the img tag.
[seven] the superbowl is still gay but now andy milonakis is a lot older than he looks.
[eight] fuck the blink tag css strobe technique is where it's at.
[nine] zurich windowlickers to recieve handjobs.

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