get wired to get "unwired"

i picked up a copy of the may issue of wired up this morning for a couple reasons...

[one] the matrix article.
[two] the wi-fi pullout.
[three] the article on the decline of the mit media lab. [not online yet]

so far the issue is golden. for instance, the piece on the special effects of the matrix has my jaw still dragging the ground - and i read it over three hours ago. actually, wired has really impressed me ever since their relaunch. it seems as if they've recaptured some of the wide eyed awe they used to use when they'd look at something new. btw: the wi-fi pullout is perfect for the member of your family who can't get their head around what's so great about wireless networks. even if you do buy it for the matrix article take paul boutin's advice and pass the pullout to someone you know/love and encourage them to pass it off once they've absorbed it.

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