more flotsam and jetsam

[ a ] even tho they don't list kcrw or kdl in the los angeles area yes.net is still wicked awesome.
[ b ] typepad may convince my utterly lazy ass to give movable type a try. the fact that it's being funded by joi ito and they're employing anil dash also gives them some bonus points.
[ c ] los angeles needs it's own 311 service. color me jealous of new york. [reg. req.]
[ d ] megan thought up a really simple drinking game for the movie snatch last weekend. drink anytime someone says fuck. my brother had to rehash his plan for taking a shot instead of just a swig of beer when he figured out he was trashed by the fifteen minute mark in the movie.
[ e ] what've i been up to all day? oddly enough, i've been working.
[ f ] xeni's been blog-sitting the reverse cowgirl blog and she's been doing a smash up job.
[ g ] i've realized that i've been ignoring la blogs because they don't have an rss feed. also, the redesign throws my eyeballs into fits. i really didn't want to say that, but it does. well, at least the layout is done in css.
[ h ] i think i'm going to jury rig my computer to spool the audio from tonight's white stripes performance on conan to my hard drive. yessir, live mp3's are good.

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