brushes with celebrity

just like everyone else who lives in the los angeles area i've had my fair share of run-ins with celebs. after talking about some of them at some length with some friends a couple weekends back i've finally decided to jot down my top six.

[ one ] i inadvertently mooned warren beaty at the sherman oaks in-n-out. getting out of megan's car my pants started to fall down and of course megs pointed it out to the world by loudly saying "nice ass". after pulling up my pants and turning around i realized that the person sitting in the drive thru grimacing is warren beaty and i hurried inside to save myself from further embarrassment. either way, i'm still miffed at myself for not yelling "that was for bullworth!"
[ two ] megs and i were shopping at the studio city ralphs and i spotted lily tomlin pushing around a cart that contained nothing more than a bottle of vodka, some pudding mix and a couple tv dinners.
[ three ] at one point i met john lovitz up in hollywood while he was getting some ben and jerry's with his kid/nephew. he did the john lovitz dance because someone recognized him and then ushered the kid he was with away as if a flood of people would mob him if they realized he was there.
[ four ] i should have some remorse over making ted mcginley cry at fatburger but i don't...
me: "hey everybody, that's that guy from happy days!"
ted: "hi. you know i'm on married with children too."
me: "yo guys, potsie is on married with children."
friends: "potsie, potsie, potsie..."
ted starts crying, shouts "i'm not potsie" and storms out of the resturant.
[ five ] back in high school i used to work on a midway cart at knott's and they'd make us shout out things like "get your coke here!" and other extremely lame crap. anyhow, one day i'm working and corey feldman walks by. as i notice him i yell "hey, corey feldman... want some coke?" to which he got really angry and turned his nose up at as he almost jogged away from me.
[ six ] also while working at knott's i served mc hammer a hamburger. at this point he had just signed to death row records and was working on his "hard" persona but that didn't stop him from whining like a little bitch when i charged him full price. i guess he figured since he gave the world such wonderful songs like "addams groove" and "pray" that he was too legit to pay full price.

no doubt someone out there has has had a run-in with a celeb and wether they're good or bad, i want to hear them...

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