let's get wasted

yesterday nullsoft unleashed another peer-to-peer application on the world called waste. waste was intended to be a secure colaboration tool that tied together group chat, file sharing and instant messanging but apparently the brass at aol didn't get that and made nullsoft yank the program. that's a little more than slightly disappointing because i'd like to deploy this internally at my office for the sake of colaboration and i've got a feeling other people would do the same.

even tho the original site is gone thanks to the magic of the interweb i was able to make a local mirror of the waste page. the mirror includes copies of the source and binaries and i plan on keeping it up until i get a nastygram. also, i've got a quicktopic set up so anyone else running a miror can drop us a url and aol's lawyers interested parties can have a comprehensive list. cheers!

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