matrix: freeloaded

sez sqweak reguarding the fact that "matrix: reloaded" is available on p2p:
[one] there is no screener. you don't have one. some warez group didn't get ahold of one. it doesn't exist. every rip on the net is a telesync. that said, i hear good things about the centropy version.

[two] there is no digital print. you don't have a rip of one. that's not why brand x vcd is better brand y. it doesn't exist. the only other print besides the current is the large format [imax] print which is set to be released on 06/06/03. never fear, it's not much different than the current print. kinda like large print edition books. same story, bigger picture.
and this comes from one of the junior sysadmins at eon entertainment [the production company behind the matrix] - so it's most likely the straight poop.

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