psst... blogger users

wanna upgrade to the new version of blogger but their migration form won't let you? just take the url below and paste it into your browser:


[where [your_id_here] is the id that corresponds to your blog. if i have to explain it any further, you probably shouldn't try to force the upgrade.]

just a warning for pro users, if you have any future posts they will most likely be lost in the migration. also, be aware that after the upgrade if you generate rss you may have to go into your settings and turn rss back on.

[and an advance apology to the folks who subscribe rss feed via livejournal. yeah, all five of you. blogger used to output feeds as rss 0.91 and now it's sending out a clean rss 1.0 feed. because of that, my last fifteen posts will no doubt repost themselves because the mediocre way livejournal handles rss.]

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