assorted junk

  • free martha!
  • christina aguilara and java have torrid love affair!
  • no, you haven't been going mad... bandwidth has been spotty today. sorry `bout that.
  • hey everybody it's the space ghost kid! don't worry, nobody will ask you to help buy him an ipod.
  • it was only a matter of time before sites like mobile asses popped up.
  • perhaps i'm missing something but everyone around me seems to be creaming their jeans over wikis. for the way i use the web i tend to find them useless. so fuck if they're "cool", or "the hip thing to do" now. i can't fucking stand them.
  • i've got a copy of a film we'll just go ahead and call "the burly man" on dvd. it's not an outstanding copy [i belive it's telesync] but it's good enough to watch and disect.
  • as of yesterday i've got a full on whiteboard in my office. it feels good to be able to sketch out what i need to get done on my wall in extra large blue or red print.
  • i think if i read any more blog posts reguarding sars i'm gonna pop. xeni, i'm looking in your direction. i love everything else you throw up on boingboing but perhaps it's time to wander off on a different tangent with a bullwhip in search of another dead horse... just as long as that horse didn't die of sars.
  • the web developer extension for firebird looks a whole lot nicer than the pnh toolbar which was made for firebird as an afterthought.

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