assorted junk :: filler edition

  • my inner mac geek would find it criminal to not mention the sexy new g5 and it's partner in software 10.3 [a.k.a. panther].
  • politics very rarely creep into my blog but... tearing a page out of howard dean's book, it looks like w's going to have a blog following his campaign on his re-election page. fucking poser.
  • because of that previous comment it wouldn't shock me if the surprisingly large segment of "conservative" readership i have removed my site feed or bookmark from their browser. yeah, that's right, i don't like dubya. sorry for bursting your bubble. oddly enough i belive people are entitled to their opinions tho, so you can go ahead and still like him. [an extra special howdy for the reader that already mailed me with the lovely "i'll never read your site again, you unamerican bastard". this one's for you and the suv with the american flag bumper sticker you no doubt own.]
  • i didn't want to see the hulk before and after reading oliver willis' take on it i feel i've probably made a good choice.
  • speaking of films, i'm really looking forward to pirates of the caribbean, but that's probably because both it and the haunted mansion are tied for number one spot for my favorite disney ride of all time.

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