copywritten, so don't copy me...

it's internal memo day at gomi no sensei... this one comes to us from our friends at the warner music group. it seems they're cracking down on peer-to-peer programs on their network by threatening possible termination if they're found on company systems. that's pretty standard as far as corporate policy at a major media company goes - albeit two or three years too late - but the best part of the memo comes from the ass end of it.
you also may want to take this opportunity to consider whether any peer-to-peer services are being used on computers in your home. please keep in mind that use of peer-to-peer services to download copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner, whether in your office or your home, is illegal. it is also unfair to all of the talented individuals (including yourself) who contribute to the creation and marketing of creative works.
i wasn't aware that music piracy was that rampant inside warner - a place where most employess can no doubt score a copy of that new flaming lips or fleetwood mac [both wmg artists] cd from the guy they know in distribution. *shrug*

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