giving rodney a chance

i've gotta come out and say that every time i sat down and listened to rodney on the roq on kroq here in la i normally can only listen for five or ten minutes before i get annoyed and try to find something else on the dial. what puts me off is rodney's slow, oddly sounding delivery, much like a teen still stuck in puberty. about four years back i admitted this to flea, but at the time it came out as "i hate rodney bingenheimer. he doesn't belong on the radio."

naturally and understandably, flea lambasted me mentioning a laundry list of bands he was responsible for breaking on la radio. bands like van halen, the ramones, black flag, oasis, the clash and the go-gos. and while van halen didn't really impress me, the others sure did. so i decided to give rodney a chance in a couple years when i could perhaps stomach him a bit better.

so fast forward to four years later. in that time i don't think i've listened to rodney on the roq once and i haven't really given him any more of a chance than i did when i was twenty.one. and after reading the feature article on him from the recent la weekly i must say that i feel like i've really missed out. sure rodney's voice is like key lime pie - an accquired taste - but selling one of the best radio shows in los angeles short because the dj "sounds weird" is probably the stupidest things i've ever done.

it'd probably be a good idea to throw a cassette in the tape deck and catch part of his midnight to three am sunday show to find out what in the hell i've been missing.

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