is there an echo in here?

echo logothere's been quite a bit of buzz in the weblog community reguarding echo. headed up by sam ruby, echo's purpose is to get a common syntax for syndication and a common api for the myriad of weblogging tools out there. so far blogger, movable type, audblog and livejournal all plan on folding support in for the echo which makes the outlook for it actually getting off the ground pretty positive. i'm mostly excited at the prospect of something a little more robust and less contested than rss.

as an aside: lately i've been arguing with myself over whether i want to write my own content management system for the mirror project inspired photoblog i'm working on or if i should just hack out the already robust and extendable movable type. if i do end up rolling my own cms i'll be sure to add support for echo into it, but at this point it'd most likely be best to just use an existing tool that is due to support it. *shrug*

anyhow, people are coming up with logo ideas and i whipped a couple up while waiting for some client boxes to fsck after their power on a section of their rack failed. there's a couple more ideas floating around in my head and i'll probably post them tomorrow or friday but i figured i'd dump what i have so far and strike while the iron is hot. enjoy!

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