i know all five of you who regularly read gomi are wondering where i've been the past couple days and the answer's quite simple...

i've had monkeypox.

well, not really monkeypox. but i have had a cold that has forced me to lie on my couch in my boxer shorts and watch mediocre movies like "bill and ted's bogus journey" for the past two days. and now my sinuses are draining. big time.

in that time i've managed to completely avoid the internet. no e-mail, no instant messaging, no blogging. which is a good and bad thing. if i did what i initally wanted to do i would have blogged this whole horrible cold. full and absolute coverage of my sickness. posts about my desire to curl up into a little ball and die just so i'd be rid of my sinus headache. picutures of the trash can full of tissues. audblog posts so you could hear how effing stuffed up i sound.

but i decided not to acknowledge the siren song of my computer and now i have over two.hundred posts to catch up on in netnewswire, a handfull of friends all making sure i'm okay on aim and countless pieces of mail to wade thru.

so for all of you who've been wondering, i'm not dead. in fact i'm feeling better...

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