go gomi, it's your birthday

hey there little buddy, you're three years old now. things sure have changed...

i remember the day you were born. i was using nickelbag [a p133 laptop] on a mediocre 33.6kbps dial-up connection when i decided that i'd sign up for an account at this service i'd heard some people and other sites mention. the site was blogger [which was around a year old at the time] and an hour after signing up i'd dug up an account with ftp access and had a template all set up and was ready to go. i didn't have much to say at the time, and to be honest there still are times that i grasp for words. my original intent - besides that of beating everyone over the head with a hard to look at orange and black color scheme - was to document my transition to life in ohio after living in southern california for twenty.two years. in this incarnation it was known as "evolve you hapless bastards!" and that what i planned on doing... evolving. growing up. moving on.

well, the job i was so sure i was going to get didn't pan out and i stayed in orange county afterall. "evolve!" got really spotty as i found other things to worry about and a.d.d. all over. after playing around on a group blog for a couple months i bought the domain for gomi no sensei and moved my blog over to it. eventually i started to link to epherma and such that i'd find floating on a random blog here or there more than doing personal posts, but i still always managed to do the blog for myself and nobody else.

so for those of you who didn't know the history of gomi no sensei, now you know. and knowing is half the battle. the other half is attempting to make sense of the rambling nature of this post, but we'll get into that another time...

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