got the time tickin' in my head

with a whole twelve days until i depart for fabulous las vegas everything has taken on this sudden urgency. we've still got a fair ammount of stuff to do and while we've got more than enough time to do it there's this sense that unless we do what we have to immedeatley everything will fail.

sadly, i thrive on this condition.

the only time i really feel this alive is when i think the world is going to come crashing down around me. it's sort of freeing when you stop thinking and just act like you know you're doomed. of course the rush leaves soon after you find out everything is fine, but until that point it's almost zen.

since megs seems to think that even if you don't use them lists are ultimately helpful in matters of planning i'm going to jot down what needs to get done before i head out into the desert to bake.
  • once my credit card payment clears reserve hotel room.
  • buy new pair of vans.
  • pay sprint bill.
  • get queeg to install inverter in megan's car.
  • meet with skroo so we can fit the radio station to the auto it's traveling on.
  • buy new rear tires for megan's car.
  • bug aron to make that run of one inch death race 2000 buttons.
  • pack clothing, bullhorn, laptop, etc.
i'm sure there's more than that, but i'm far too gone on vanilla coke and vodka to remember any of them.

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