while i was out...

  • i learned that i'm alergic to aloe. when it comes to a choice of sunburn or alergic rash i'll take the sunburn.
  • apparently this site is a "bloggers blog". i'm not sure what that means, but i think that's a good thing. the clay shirky quote in that entry seems to be misattributed to me tho...
  • click's posted some brilliant shots of the fireworks in cambria on the fourth.
  • i've been approved to beta test typepad. unfortunatley i'm not at liberty to say much more than that. btw: here's the beta blog. besides posting a gallery here i plan to post the pictures from this weekend using typepad's photo album tool.
  • aol's getting ready to get it's users blogging. while i want to cringe, jeff explains why this is a good thing.
  • hot damn! don't copy that floppy [16mb .wmv] has found it's way online.
  • while i'm all for number portability on cell phones i was less than pleased to open my sprint bill and find out they're taxing me for the right to have it.
  • wow, somebody actually installed panther...

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