while we were out...

why was gomi down earlier today? ask the kid who exploited some php code on vp labs that i never bothered cleaning up. because of it, i ended up doing what i've wanted to do for a while - i reinstalled my hosting box.

that's right, i ended up reinstalling sandinista [the afformentioned hosting box] because someone exploited some bad code i'd written. sure i'd had sandinista all patched and happy but because i didn't close something down in php.ini i got hosed - his exploit used an include to launch a recursive crontab.

now i very well could've removed the crontab, fixed the code and lived a happy life but instead i spent all day reinstalling and locking down linux, restoring the backup and getting blogger used to my new ftp settings. i've got a headache that only a twelve pack or a revolver can cure.

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