i've been quiet here over the past couple days playing catch up with work and fretting over my mom in the hospital. the good news with my mom is she's doing as good as anyone with a hole in their head can do. the hospital finally did her second of three [maybe four] minor surgeries and they're looking to put in a new shunt that drains any excess "water on the brain" to her stomach - which i understand is a fairly standard procedure. i'm not sure when she'll get out of the hospital, but according to the doctors she's doing great. i just hope she can make it home some time in the next week. the house feels so lonley without her and i've gotta pay double the ammount of attention to our dog bella who no doubt wonders where she is.

to get my mind off everything i'm going to go catch the aquabats at the glasshouse with megs, nulltone and one of tone's friends. thanks for everyone who has taken the time out to talk with me over the past couple days. all y'all are the shit and i mean that...

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