under pressure

quite a bit has gone on since tuesday... i'd attempt to recap everything but my brain is wound so damn tightly that any attempt to uncoil could prove to be not such a good idea. of course, i can't leave y'all hanging. so i'll throw down some of the more important things that happened....

my mom's still in the hospital, but as of wednesday they changed her scenery to the neurological icu at the uci medical center in orange. they've got her scheduled for what should be her final surgery on tuesday and they're hoping to send her home wednesday or thursday. i only got to see her for about fifteen minutes tonight but she was dead tired. so i'm going to let her get some sleep and pay her a visit some time tommorow afternoon while megs and i are running around orange county.

well, okay... that was really the only important thing. that is unless you consider starting the wheels in motion on a little something a group of us have been talking about for a while important. i sorta do, but i'm sorta in silent running when it comes to that. worry not, more info will find it's way to the proper channels soon.

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