my mom's operation went well. my dad got in to see her at about two last night and all she could talk about what there was around the house for us as far as breakfast went. then when my dad asked her what she wanted him to bring her back she asked him if he could sneak the family dog bella [a dachshund] into her room. but otherwise she's acting like everything's fine. she's due to see a vascular specialist today because a stretch of her shunt that ran from her neck to her heart is buried in some calcified deposits along one of her bones and they really don't want the infection to spread down that way. so she's in icu with a shunt running out the back of her head on a morphine drip. as of about two hours ago she's sleeping and my brother and dad are there waiting for my grandparents [that'd be her mom and dad] to show up.

thanks so far to everyone who has sent me their kind words and wishes. along with burying myself in the work that piled up since i took off for defcon i think i'll get thru this.

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