"proper fucked, turkish"

shit. i didn't bother to heed the warning about the flash installer playing poorly with all.js in the windows version of firebird and now everything seems to be absolutley fucked. goddamn thing ate my bookmarks, my skins and all my plugins. thanks to my stupidity i'm re-downloading firebird 0.6.1 - over dial-up nonetheless - and reinstalling it from scratch. there goes that good night's sleep i was planning on having.

with my luck i'll get everything dialed back in the way i like it and 0.7 will drop leaving me to do the download tango all over again.

updata: i didn't have to reinstall all of my plug-ins and go repopulate my bookmarks like i worried i would have to. thankfully all that information is stored in the registry. so after downloading the unofficial installer for firebird 0.6.1, running it and reinstalling some of the plugins that didn't make the transition everything is fine again. a huzzah to firebird.

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