a site for sore eyes

now the opensource movement hasn't been known for making the nicest looking web pages in the world but the site for emacspeak is not only fugly, it's downright unuseable. in fact it's a nice reminder that some minor familarity with web technology can produce visual nightmares...

actually my biggest gripe with the layout is the fact that no background color is given for the page content. so when the mint/puke green text is placed over the page's background picture the text is almost completely unreadable. if i were using lynx that'd be a non-issue seeing as how that browser saves one from the visual trauma but since i use firebird i have no such luck.

now i understand that i'm probably giving a handful of opensource geeks with a noble project a whole load of shit over their page layout when none of them probably have the prowess to code up a simple and tasteful page. and i'm probably a jerk for doing so... all i want to know is can somebody rent these guys a proper web monkey for fuck's sake?

mind you, there is a certian irony behind the fact that the page in question is for a utility to open up linux to the visually impaired...

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