do i want to vote for gary coleman or larry flynt?

i'm taking advantage of the fact that i can leave work early to go vote today but the choice that faces me isn't an easy one. i want to vote yes on the recall because i hate davis. in the past couple weeks he's done a 180 to seem more compassionate towards california and the enviroment but it's too little too late. if i vote yes for the recall arnold's sure to get into office because people are sheep. if i vote no then davis stays in office for another three years and california continues to get worse and worse.

but besides the recall i've also got who i'm going to vote for to worry about...

  • i'm sure as hell not voting for arnold due to the fact that he's got pete wilson's team behind him and people seem to be voting for him just because he's a celebrity.
  • bustamante frightens me - he only graduated from high school [that's right, high school] several years ago and voting for him would be like putting davis back into office after pulling him out.
  • mcclintock's just a bit too conservative for me even tho he seems to be on the level - not to mention one of the better candidates.
  • i know i'll take a lot of shit for this from my more conservative friends but i like a large portion of camejo's platform. my inner pinko liberal just thinks most of what he has to say just makes sense.
  • i'd get into the other candidates but most of them are just a fucking joke.

*sigh* what to do...

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