i love "i love the 70's/80's"

i'd always caught an hour here and an hour there of vh1's "i love the 70's/80's" but this past weekend vh1 has been running a marathon of all the episodes they have. now normally i piss and moan about the type of programming this falls under - a little something i like to call "nostalgiacrap" - but for some reason the mix of people they have doing the commentary and the topics they cover just seem to pluck the right heartstrings for me and i've been eating it up by catching almost every episode all weekend. that stacks up to around twenty hours of television over the course of two days.

what's worse is they're about to add ten more hours to their cannon of nostalgiacrap programming by adding "i love the 80's strikes back" with all new content and snarky commentary starting on october 20th. no doubt within a year from now we'll have "return of i love the 80's". or if we're going with original title schema "revenge of i love the 80's".

one can only hope that vh1 doesn't decide to make prequels.

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