mozilla goes on rampage, destroys server

so, as mentioned on the sidebar the mozilla project released firebird 0.7, thunderbird 0.3 and mozilla 1.5 today. so now i get to upgrade all my old versions of firebird 0.6 and thunderbird 0.2 - hooray!

for those of you who need a copy from the horribly slashdotted mozilla project webservers and mirrors g'ahead and grab from my mirror of seb's win32 installers linked in the sidebar [firebird | thunderbird] or get yourself bittorrent++ and grab your copy from the mozilla bittorrent tracker. enjoy!

updata: i've had to reinstall flash [which doesn't have the nasty bug that overwrites all.js anymore] and some extensions after updating firebird using the installer, but everything's been running like a charm so far.

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