strange things are afoot at the circle m

new mta logo i rather enjoy disecting and studying the design of things. logotypes, furniture, architecture and packaging all fascinate me in this way i can't describe. when i see something that strikes my fancy i normally whip out my digicam and snap a couple shots - but of course most bloggers do. however while filling up my memory card i often find the pictures i take are focused more on the shapes involved in an object rather than the object as a whole.

several weeks back i was riding the red line out to universal city to visit megs. after scanning over a few posters promoting safety and discouraging graffiti i'd realized a difference in the logos used. it wasn't anything major, but the newer posters were using a different style m in the circle than they were before. the new m is stencil-like, almost urban, like they focus grouped a bunch of hip twentysomethings. without going on more than i should [i know, too late] i've gotta say that i like it. a lot. probably a lot more than i should. it's simple, understated and subtile.

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