as always, i'm way behind the times

one of the things i promised myself i'd do in the new year is start and finish cory doctorow's "down and out in the magic kingdom". i'm aware that i'm probably one of the last geek bloggers to read it, but i managed to get sidetracked when i originally downloaded the pdf just under a year ago. i'm a fan of cory's work on boing boing and after seeing that he reads the rss feed for this blog on dave winer's share your opml i downloaded the pdf to my laptop and decided i'd read it while in transit over the next week.

i got into the first ten pages while megs was getting her hair dyed on sunday afternoon and i started over after watching alias last night. this may sound funny, but i like to read novels from front to back in one shot. i find stopping in the middle and picking it back up screws up my rythym. it's like trying to reassemble a david lynch movie in your head from tiny unordered segments you've seen half a dozen times on tv and trying to make sense of it all.

but i digress... i finished the book just after one in the morning and i'm slightly angry with myself for not reading it sooner. as a disney geek and a former cast member [see: star tours at disneyland] i loved the care cory took with the details while making the disney world of the future his own. needless to say it was an insanely fast paced trip that i love taking. a trip i'll most likely take again before the week is up. after i end up getting an airport card for the ibook and the "spike jonez :: director's label" dvd i'm going to pick this up and slap it on my bookshelf.

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