a man, a plan, a con

well, it'd seem that my plans for emerging tech are set...

i can't afford to take the whole week off, so i'm taking the train down to san diego the afternoon of the 10th. it shouldn't take more than a couple hours to get down to san diego, and i should arrive in time for tuesday's participant sessions.
added bonus: amtrak has ac outlets available at most seats, so i'm not going to have to drain the ibook's battery on the trip down.

i'll be crashing out on the floor at the spacious chez dachb0den. apparently i'll be sharing the floor with a metric fuckton of people, but that's totally cool... i haven't done the sleepover thing since i was fifteen. besides, dachb0den is a chill ass pad and h1kari is always a great host.

since i'm on a tight budget while in san diego, i have a feeling i'm going to be eating a lot of cheap pizza-by-the-slice at the little italian joint across the street from horton plaza. if any of you san diego locals [subkor, i'm looking in your direction] know of decent cheap eats in that area, please contact me. conversely, if you'd like me to not live on pizza i'll totally accept paypal donations... paypal [at] gominosensei [dot] org works. ;)

now all i need to do is get a list of things i want to pack together and wait things out. i'm still wicked excited about being able to go - so much so that i'm becoming impatient. c'est la vie.

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