there's an upside and a downside to every schwartz

as of yesterday blogger started offering atom feeds to all of it's million plus users. it's actually pretty cool that they're giving all of their users access to syndicate themselves silly - something only available on the now abolished blogger pro "paid accounts" using rss. it had been rumored that the bloggerfolk were going to turn this functionality on by the end of this month and it's only proper that it was done almost five years to the date after pyra was incorporated.

atom support also gives blogger a badly needed update to their api, which lacked title support and wasn't as robust as other interfaces. it'll be nice - not to mention handy - to have a client i can use to update my collection of sites without having to ever fire up my browser.

so the second i found out about atom support in blogger i turned it on for my girlfriend's blog and added the feed to netnewswire. it didn't take long to realize that support for atom isn't really in netnewswire yet. almost immedeatley the wind was taken out of my sails... something i've been obsessed in trying out doesn't work under my favorite tool. it's kind of like pulling out your favorite screwdriver for the job and finding out it's not the right size. so you go thru your drawer to find a smaller screwdriver and you realize you don't have one that'll fit. then you go to the store and find out that the company behind your favorite brand is making a screwdriver that'll fit, but you aren't told anything more than "it'll be here soon".

at that point your options are either, use another brand or wait for the new tool... you love the features on your brand, but you don't want to wait. it becomes a question of patience or loyalty.

i love netnewswire and i don't want to use another application for feed reading, so i guess i'll have to wait. i can't help but feel slightly defeated, but i'll be damned if i install something else...

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