drink different

when apple announced their itunes promotion with pepsi, most of my mac owning friends pissed and moaned...

"you mean i'll have to drink pepsi if i want a free song?! that's bullshit!"
"man, i drink [coke|dr. pepper|red bull]. why couldn't apple have paired with them?"

much to the joy of my friends, i've managed to find a loophole in their giveaway. yes, you too can drink coke or dr. pepper and still get free songs in the pepsi/itunes giveaway.

thanks to the folks at pepsico, select 7-11 stores are carrying special fountain drink and slurpee cups for the itunes giveaway. instead of having you pull a game piece off the side of the cup these have hidden promotional codes along the lip. so after drinking your soda you're supposed to cut a section of the lip and unroll it to find out if you're a winner. it's kind of a hassle if you don't cart around a pair of scissors, but it keeps people from going thru a stack of cups and stealing the game pieces.

the best part about this is nobody at 7-11 will force you to fill the cups with pepsi. i assume you're supposed to operate on the honor system, but there is no honor among thieves...

this last sunday, the girlfriend and i swung by 7-11 and got dr. pepper slurpees in pepsi/itunes cups and we managed to win a free song. not a drop of pepsi ever had to cross her or my lips. since i didn't have to drink something i didn't want to so i could win something i wanted, i sort of won twice...

but now you know. and knowing is half the battle.

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