recommendation time

i've yet to find any stores in southern california selling the itunes pepsi bottles. that's a shame, because i'd really like to use the tilt technique and get some music. at this point i've been hitting the 7-11 and filling the itunes fountain drink cups with coke, which makes me have to play the odds like a regular joe. i haven't been doing it religiously, but the 1 in 3 odds have been pretty true so far... out of four cups i've won two songs.

the first freebie wasn't too hard to spend. you'll most likely laugh at me, but i'll admit to picking up green day's "i fought the law" as featured in the commercial. with the latest code i grabbed brad mehldau's cover of "exit music [for a film]", but that was only after a good twenty minutes of looking around and arguing over it and three other songs.

so after thinking things over and realizing i'm an indecisive bastard, i thought it'd be for the best if i got some reader recommendations. the only requirement is that the music is available as a song download in the itunes music store. i'm up for almost any type of music, as long as it doesn't fall under nu-metal.

so, who on itms should i be listening to?

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