winer bitchfest `04

[look ma, i'm bitching about dave winer. am i a real blogger now?]

i never really got the whole anti-dave movement until i subscribed to his rss feed a month or two ago and watch him spazz out over atom. it's partially ammusing to watch because he mostly posts snippets of text of people who agree with his views.

"look, marc barrot said atom support isn't going to be a piece of cake to implement. that's because it's not a fully formed standard. see, atom does suck."

what's sad however, is how he also seems to be fond of posting criticisims of himself. normally the most scathing ones.

"look, marc pilgrim accused me of stealing rss from netscape. and he's blocking referers from my blog. dude, am i a martyr or what?"

apparently dave's exists in a binary world - there is no red blue or green, there is only black and white - people who agree with dave and people who don't. there's a certian paranoia in his posts that seems to be a nascent in true geniuses.

he can be rather irritating to read at times, but for some reason i keep coming back for more. it's sort of like nascar to be honest. i keep waiting for something to go wrong and spin out of control so i can watch the flames from the sidelines and be ammused for at least a couple of minutes. it's funny what one will do for a cheap thrill.

where was i? oh yeah, dave and atom. i think if atom were just an api, dave would be far more okay with it than he is now. i bet he'd even talk admirably about it. but since it's a means of syndication as well as an api he's got a bug up his ass that won't go away until atom fades off into obscurity. needless to say, it may take a while before he shuts up...

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