spring cleaning

i spent all of thirty minutes bastardizing the template for layerone so i could do a redesign here. it's kind of emo right now, but i like it. i'm toying with rotating header graphics and a couple other things, but i don't think i'll change things much unless i get another bug up my ass.

to give credit where credit is due, the current header graphic is derived from an image by sam brown and the font is tom coates' handwriting font.

i've got a couple more things i want to implement in the next month that i won't get into here. at the very least i will say that i've been looking into using something other than blogger for my cms. i'm still weighing out my options, but textpattern and movable type 3.0 are up at the top of the list. if you have any suggestions, it's not too hard to figure out how to contact me.

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