armchair quarterback :: g4techtv

by now almost everyone's hip to the fact that comcast is merging g4 and techtv into one channel called g4techtv. i guess this makes sense from a certian standpoint. by merging the rosters they'll actually have enough programming to not have to repeat the screen savers three to four times a day.

still, the pared back roster they've posted inside their faq makes me fret at the fact that they're ditching both tech live and call for help in favor of swill like unscrewed. how can a no talent assclown like martin sargent keep his job and a personable, nice guy like leo get the boot? the world may never know...

also, what's with the name g4techtv? could they come up with nothing new? i'd be more apt to watch the it if they called it "the comcast super happy technology sunshine channel". of course i'm mentally unstable, so keep that in mind.

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