peeling back the layers

when i was at la2600 on friday one of the attendees told mmca and i that she was looking forward to layerone.

"layerone looks great. i think i'll take more away from it than i will from defcon this year."

when i heard that, it was a bit of an ego boost. even if we don't break even - but i'm working hard to make sure we do - if we get everyone who shows up to take something away from the conference then we'll have done something worthwhile.

it also makes me happy to know that some of our speakers are looking forward to seeing the other speakers at the conference.

while i'm shilling layerone, i'd like to make it known that anyone who goes thru pre-registration before may 14th is entered into a drawing for an invitation to gmail. that's right, i'm using a spare gmail invitation that i possess to help entice people to register. i figured it was better than selling it on ebay.

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