testing the waters :: google groups beta

to test out the new google groups beta i've gone ahead and started an orange county webloggers group. if you live somewhere close to "the oc" or you're one of those people who likes to watch, g'ahead and join. it'd also help if you'd pass the word along, but i'll force no one to do either.

i no doubt could have chosen a better group to test this new interface out with. hell, i probably should have. still, i've been interested in finding out who all is out there - so this would have eventually happened anyhow.

where's your sense of adventure? join already!

updata: the wrapping for individual posts looks wonky in safari. i would even go so far as to call it fugly. at least the new groups is compatable with safari, unlike that other thing of google's that's in beta. i won't name names - but gmail, i'm looking in your direction.

speaking of gmail, it was handy that the groups beta noticed i was already logged in at gmail when i hit the page. membership has it's privileges i guess.


Jason Cosper said...

no i don't, sorry.

as it is i've got my friends asking me for accounts. the people i've known for a while come before someone who's left a comment on my blog once. but i'll add you to the list.

Micah Sittig said...

Les Orchard points to ocblogs atom feeds. Sweetness.