the great weblogging swindle

it would seem that i'm going to be writing for the orange county bureau of metroblogging once they launch. and in a departure from this blog, i will actually use proper capitalization of words. this means the only place you'll still be able to find me aping on e.e. cummings formatting choices is here.

file it under trying to look far more professional than i actually am.

this whole thing is sort of weird though. i'm half excited and half indifferent about the whole affair. it's not that i don't care about the project... if i didn't, i wouldn't have applied. i'm excited at the exposure my writing will get, because sean is always out there pimping his projects in the right places. i think the indifference springs from the fact that i'm hitching my name to yet another blog/project to get my work out there.

"can you be a bigger whore?" my subconscious asks me.

"probably," i reply. "i could blog for the oc weekly."

so i guess that's my goal in all of this. to be so fucking outstanding that i get sniped away to blog for the oc weekly for a living. failing that, some blog owned by one of those micropublishing moguls denton or calacanis will do nicely. the trick is to find my niche and build an army of loyal fans. you guys [my faithful readers] are already my fans tho, aren't you?


adam said...

Just wanted to let you know Layer One was mentioned on Slashdot yesterday.


Jason Cosper said...

*nod* and on tom's hardware guide today.