paul frank at the huntington beach art center

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after reading this article in the oc weekly megs and i decided to hop down to the huntington beach art center on sunday and check out their paul frank exhibit. working mainly in upholstry vinyl [but best known for his t-shirts] paul frank manages to be playful and upbeat. he somehow captures the optimisim and style of the late 60's and early 70's in almost everything he does.

megs and i don't know the protocol for taking photos in a museum setting. we both remember the forceful request not to do so when moca was hosting warhol a few years ago, so we were rather paranoid when it came to grabbing the photo above. i had to play lookout to make sure that we wouldn't get caught. even if we had managed to, it's always better to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask permission, isn't it?

besides trying to dodge jackbooted art nazis, we had a fun time at the exhibit. both of us giggled at seeing the julius toilet and loved the fact that every piece of furniture in the exhibit that was from the artist's collection looked very used. an ottoman had a small tear in one side and the stool on display had extremely scuffed legs.

the exhibit runs thru the 7th of august and is worth checking out.

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BTW I'd recommend the plastination thing (Body Worlds? iirc) on in LA, we went to see that a couple of weekends ago. Really incredible -- esp. since they're real bodies. That's quite freaky to start with, but then you get a bit more comfortable with it (as a kind of scientific, medical abstraction) -- and then it's just amazing to check out all these parts of the human body, how they work, and actually get to understand how all those innards hang together ;)

But they're even more fascist about cameras -- lots of signs pointing out a no-pictures policy. I wound up complaining in the comments book, and by email to boot, since the images on the site are pretty basic and don't give the right impression at all...