earache my eye

of course everyone out there has already caught wind of the real "freedom of choice" campaign. it's total crap but what i found particularly funny was the fine print in the above full page ad from the oc weekly [emphasis mine]:

For more details and terms and conditions, go to real.com/music. Certain intellectual property and related rights of the iPod player and various things associated with it are claimed by Apple Computer, Inc. The use here by RealNetworks is for identification purposes only. Real is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Apple. That being said, they seem like cool folks and we certainly wouldn't mind grabbing a beer with them.

it's funny how hard real is trying to spin this so people are on their side. it's as if they're hoping someone will say, "look dude... real said they'd get a beer with apple, they can't be that bad." pfft.

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