neon jungle

...all sordid-like.
...all sordid-like., originally uploaded by underbunny.

one of my favorite tags to watch on flickr is neon. i've got an rss feed set up for it in bloglines and everything. if you like neon signs like i do, it's really worth taking a look at.

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Jason Cosper said...

making a feed out of flickr tags is brutally easy. so easy that they do it for you. when looking at almost any page [see: tags, group discussions, etc.] in flickr, scroll down to the bottom of the page. there you should see a set of links in the lower right hand corner for rss 2.0 and atom feeds.

if there's something you wish would generate a feed but doesn't, take it to flickrideas. they're pretty open to adding a feature if enough people think it's a good idea.