taking a page from someone else's playbook

gomi is not becoming an mp3blog, but i've had this song stuck in my head all day and i need to let it out...

new order - temptation

much to my office mate's dismay i've been looping it for the past 45 minutes, and it's kind of taken the edge off my monday. maybe it'll do the same for someone else.

[updata: someone im'ed me to point out that i should've offered "blue monday" instead. clever, but that's not how it works. also, i got tired of that song after orgy had their way with it.]

for those of you who aren't feeling poppy, i can highly reccomend clash city which has some great live jems from what is one of my hands down favorite bands. to browse the downloads you'll need to get an account on their forum, which is always a hassle. still, that's a trivial snag for what they're offering: a whole plethora of clash bootlegs and demos. totally worth it if you ask me.

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