i am jack's raging bile duct

this private forum i'm on recently had a thread asking for recommendations for cvs clients on os x. among the first replies was one from someone who suggested that they just have their admin switch the server to subversion. their reasoning was that since there was a much nicer subversion client for os x they should just use that instead.

that'd be great and all, but apparently there's more than one user on that cvs server. besides, convincing any admin to switch to a new untested [well, untested by the admin at least] package for multiple users almost never works. there'd be a whole new bunch of clients to install and configure for users across different platforms. no admin wants to put themselves thru that trauma, let alone having to babysit the system once it's up to make sure it takes. needless to say a migration to subversion wouldn't be optimal for the guy who just wanted a decent cvs client for his new operating system.

still that manages to sum up the whole geek mindset right there. almost any forum, usenet or mailing list post i've read asking for help with one program always has at least one person who suggests their favorite program as a solution. this sort of answer always drives me into a blind rage.

"how do i do [fill in blank] in emacs?"

"dude, just use vi."

if they wanted to use vi, they would have asked about vi. if you don't know the answer, kindly shut the fuck up. andre managed to sum it up pretty well:

"Hi, I drive a Honda and I noticed the seat warmers stopped working."

"Buy a Pontiac."

i swear i'm going to punch the next person who does that right in the face.

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