i need a cigarette

i don't encourage smoking at all, but british american tobacco hired some american directors to do some commercials for their parisienne brand of smokes. apparently the directors were told "film whatever you'd like. it doesn't even need to contain smoking or cigarettes". the great [and sometimes bizarre] output of each director can be found below:

david lynch [small] [large]
coen brothers [small] [large]
roman polanski [small] [large]
wim wenders [small] [large]
robert altman [small] [large]

i must recommend the david lynch and coen brothers ones. for more great work, please visit ldm productions [aka: the people who were nice enough to house these clips].


ismateo said...

these are weird.

abnu said...

Polanski's nailed it. Coen brothers did a number on it, too.