the sound of silence

output is and will continue to be thin for the next few weeks as i baby my carpal tunnel syndrome. it's made my productivity grind to a halt by being exceptionally cranky since the top of last week. i spent all of this past weekend [and monday] staying away from a keyboard and i feel a bit better - but i still have a way to go before i'm back up to speed.

while i've got an open window, i'd like to mention that megan graduated from the culinary program at the art institute of los angeles last night. i'm exceedingly proud of her and i know she going to go on to do some great things. i'm not just saying that because i'm her boyfriend either - seriously. i'd go on, but my pinky finger on my left hand is getting numb again.

see you kids sporadically over the next couple weeks!


me said...

hey boogah -- g'luck with that. ouch :(

Missed meeting up with you at Toorcon btw... I was hoping you'd be able to make it even despite the target not being quite reached. ah well...

Jason Cosper said...

hezaa: that is a bit scary. just so you know, the heart shirt is available from r. stevens at diesel sweeties. as long as you don't buy one with the intent of becoming my girlfriend's doppelganger, i encourage you to pick one up.

justin i'm bummed about not being able to come. i saw that o'brien showed up, which made me rather sad to miss him. of course not seeing your talk made the baby jesus cry too.

unfortunately, i'm still broke and paying off layerone. needless to say, travel expenses are the first in the budget to go out the window. i should be back on track by the time bloggercon hits. if you're still living in orange county, we ought to grab a pint sometime.