cease and desist, yo

it would seem that disney has slapped waxy with a cease and desist over the kleptones "a night at the hip hopera".

naturally, i'm miffed that disney is trying to supress something that's not being sold. something that was made for shits and grins [and nothing more] over the course of five weeks. also, i feel a bit jilted that i haven't gotten a cease and desist yet. i really wanted to frame it and hang it up on my wall. not everyone has had a large conglomerate tell them to cut it out.

of course, all disney's really done is created a hydra effect. cut one head off and two, four or a hundred more spring up in it's place. cory says that it's time for creative protest and i'm inclined to agree. one of the only worries is that a grey tuesday style protest wouldn't be as fresh this time around. we could duct tape listening parties onto the idea, but that would require people willing to set one up. also, what would we call it? "the kleptwenty-third" just doesn't have as good a ring to it.

now i know i'm nowhere near as prolific as waxy or cory, but i'd really like to get input from at least two or three of my two dozen readers. any of y'all have any ideas?

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