the decline of western civilization

"why are we always reactive? / let's activate something / let's fuck shit up / whatever happened to revolution for the hell of it?" - king missile, "it's saturday"

for the next four years all the republicans that have clever slurs for democrats [see: demorats] are going to be downright unbearable. their candidate made it into the white house without any question to the validity of the election results. with the exception of a few graceful winners, most of my right leaning friends have made sure to rub it in just a bit.

were they not my friends, i'd give them a punch right in the nose.

all of my left leaning friends are in shock over the outcome. hell, i am too. when you surround yourself with people whose ideals fall in line with your own, you grow complacent. eventually, your world view narrows and you imagine a majority of people feel the way you do. one doesn't realize that's not the case until it's way too late. of course by the time that happens you feel as if you've been gang raped in an alleyway.

i sorta feel like that right now.

i'm running thru a gambit of emotions right now. i not only feel white hot rage but i'm also experiencing heaping portions of both denial and apathy. i want to riot and light things on fire, curl into a ball and weep and go on with my life all at the same time. it's not much fun.

i guess it'd be a good idea to donate to the eff and aclu. i've got the feeling that we're going to need people to fight for us...

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