fuck cingular

megan's cell phone is not very happy right now. it won't take a charge and it's not responding to any adapter that we put it on. normally something like this would be covered under an equipment replacement plan. thinking she could get everything squared away today, megan went into a cingular store and spoke with a customer service rep. not only did the person behind the counter not even look at her phone, he shoved her off on a customer service line where they gave her two options:
  • they'd give her a "free" replacement phone - but only if she pledges allegiance to them for another 2 years.
  • she can pay them $150 for an exact replacement. for a phone she only initially paid $49 for.
she's still got a year on her contract, [so switching providers is out of the question] and she's switching to t-mobile once her contract is up.

so if anyone's recently upgraded to a new model [or gone to greener pastures] and has an old cingular phone laying around i'll cover shiping if you can mail it out to me. i'll even throw y'all a few extra dollars for your trouble if you'd like. i'm hoping someone out there can help. cheers!

updata: that was quick! lisey swooped in for the rescue. mad love to her and the rest of the torrez clan.

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