this is radio mash

after reading phillip torrone's "mash the planet" last week i got inspired and decided to brainstorm. but, to be perfectly honest, it was more of a drizzle than anything else. all i managed to jot down after imbibing a couple newcastles was:
mash-ups via podcasting
it wasn't really my most inspired work ever, so i decided to set everything down and revisit the idea after doing some laundry.

unfortunately, i got a bit sidetracked [see: i had a few more newcastles] and sort of forgot about it. then, when i was taking a shower on monday morning it came to me. a central registry that delivers mash-ups via podcasting [as well as standard and torrent based downloads] would be pretty sweet. so i hopped out of the shower and jotted some notes down on a scrap of paper.

i spent some time last night listening to the clash and fleshing things out a bit more. i've gotten a basic outline together and thrown up a mash the planet wiki. give them both a once over and throw in your two cents if you'd like.

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