and my machine / this is my beautiful dream

tomorrow [12.14.04] is going to be an awesome day for me. well, at least musically...

at 10am [pst], underworld will be throwing down a set on their fan site's radio station. the rumors on the internets are saying that they're going to be dropping some new music on us. if we hear new music, that means they'll drop a new album soon. and a new album means they'll be going on tour. since they're doing the set from lemonworld studios, it's likely they'll be performing live insead of just dj'ing some choice tracks. needless to say i've got my stream ripper set up and pointed at it's target, waiting for me to hit record.

if that wasn't enough, the pixies will apparently be on letterman. granted, it'll most likely be one song... but i'm sort of looking at it as the mint on my hotel pillow. hearing two of my favorite bands do their thing in one day makes it seem like the gods are smiling down on me.

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